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  • Main window
  • Main Interface
  • Service Settings
  • Control Help
  • Control Panel
  • XAMPP security advices section
  • XAMPP installation welcome page
  • phpMyAdmin, the DBMS for MySQL included with XAMPP
  • The XAMPP Control Panel

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Ismael Mireles Senior editor

Xampp is a free package of web services developed by Apache Friends. The package is cross-platform, so it can work in Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux of course. The main purpose of the package is to simplify the installation and control of several web services.

The package includes Apache HTTPD (, Openssl 0.9.8i, MySQL 5.1.33, PHP 5.2.9, among others.
It was originally designed as a development application, so that people could test their scripts, codes and websites on their own computers without the need of an external server using all the services needed. The application is very easy to install, just running the installer will allow you to select the services you want to run on your computer, and when to run them. Once the program is installed, you can use its Control Panel application to start, stop or manage the services with ease. It features a very useful graphic interface, but there are also powerful terminal commands you can use to manage all the services.

The version 1.7 brings the latest versions of all services as well as full compatibility with Vista. This package is excellent for all those web developers out there.


  • Excellent package.


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    raju p 3 months ago

    Great stuff.

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    Arthur Kennedy Otieno Jonyo Last year
    Pros: Great for Localhost database
    Cons: You cant update XAMPP

    You have to uninstall all the XAMPP components manually and delete all folders before you can update it, this is a major step back in development. Aside from it, this platform is great!! Continue supporting Apache Friends!

  • 3
    Guest 5 years ago


All comments (11)

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